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Kratos General Microwave

Digitally Tuned Oscillators (DTO)

Kratos General Microwave offers a line of DTOs covering the 2-18 GHz frequency range based upon its catalog line of broadband VCOs. The DTO provides the desired output frequency in response to a digital control signal. A block diagram of the DTO is shown in Fig. 1. By appropriate design of the electronic circuitry, settling times of less than 300 nanoseconds are achieved. To obtain a frequency accuracy of the order of ±1%, including the effects of temperature, a proportionally controlled heater is required for the VCO and the electronic circuitry is temperature-compensated. A latch mode is provided as a standard feature.

Multi-Band Frequency Locked Oscillator (FLO)

Kratos General Microwave has developed a new product line of Multi-Band Frequency Locked Oscillators (FLO). This product line is an enhancement to our free running Digitally Tuned Oscillator (DTO) products. This FLO combines the high speed of DTO with the high accuracy and long-term stability of a frequency locked source. The key specification feature of the FLO is a timing speed of less than 1μsec to settle within 1 MHz of the desired frequency.


The FLO was specifically designed for test systems and simulator applications. It is a low cost replacement for high cost direct synthesizers, in applications that the frequency setting time of 1 μsec is meeting the system requirements.    

Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO)

Kratos General Microwave has developed a family of high-speed, miniaturized VCOs covering the 2-6 GHz frequency range. These VCOs have been utilized in airborne EW applications, as well as in ground-based simulators.

Synergy Oscillators: 

Synergy Microwave Corporation

Voltage Controlled Oscillator

VCO’s featuring excellent phase noise and available in planar, ceramic or SAW resonator construction and on most product utilizing our patented REL-PRO® technology surface mount footprint design. We can also customize an oscillator according to your specific requirements.

SAW Oscillators

Synergy’s SAW oscillators features excellent phase noise, small size surface mount and lead free REL-PRO® patented technology. We can also customize this VCOs according to your specific requirements.

 SAW oscillator

High Performance Crystal Oscillators

Synergy’s high performance oven controlled crystal oscillators features exceptional phase noise, fast warm-up time, low power consumption, tight frequency stability, excellent long-term stability, El. frequency tuning input, reference voltage output and small CO-8 or SMD package. We can also customize this VCOs according to your specific requirements.

Ultra-low Noise Phase Locked Oscillators

Synergy’s phase locked oscillators features ultra-low phase noise, no programming required, lead free REL-PRO® patented technology and is available in both surface mount and connectorized package. We can also customize these phase locked oscillators according to your specific requirements.

High Performance Dielectric Resonator Oscillator

Synergy’s high performance dielectric resonator oscillators(DRO) features exceptional phase noise, lead free REL-PRO® patented technology and is available in both surface mount and connectorized package. We can also customize these high performance dielectric resonator oscillators according to your specific requirements.

Kratos Synthesizers:

Kratos General Microwave Inc.

Microwave Synthesizers, RF Synthesizer

Kratos General Microwave (KGM) has developed a broad line of General Purpose RF and Microwave Synthesizers to be used in various applications. KGM has developed a line of high performance, broadband Fast Indirect Synthesizers (FIS) to provide a cost-effective solution to the requirements of new systems. Its high speed (as fast as 1 µsec) provides an economical alternative to direct synthesizers for manyapplications. Because of its low phase noise, it is an excellent alternate to the much slower and generally less reliable YIG-based rf synthesizer.

To provide optimum solutions for different requirements, Kratos General Microwave has developed a variety of Fast Indirect Synthesizers (FIS) with different parameter trade-offs: The standard FIS line for fastest tuning speed, the low phase noise line for ELINT applications and the compact FIS line for airborne small size applications. Some of the FIS rf microwave synthesizers can be configured (optionally) to operate as a dual mode source. In the synthesizer mode and in the high speed (1 µsec) DTO mode with modulation capability.

Microwave Synthesizers (RF Synthesizers) Selection Guide

Synergy  Synthesizers:

Synergy Microwave Corporation

PLL Frequency Synthesizers

Synergy’s wide range of high performance PLL frequency synthesizer models cover the frequency range of up to 18 GHz. Each model features excellent phase noise, an ultra-low RMS jitter as low as 3.7 femtoseconds, fast switching, REL-PRO® technology footprint (on most models) and can be housed in a small size surface mount or connectorized package. Model options are fixed frequency, selectable frequency or programmable. We can also customize a model according to your specific requirements.

Examples of Synergy Synthesizers


The FCPH3710-10 is a self-programmable, plug and play ready, with buffered output, phase locked oscillator for S-band converter applications.

  • Frequency: 3710 MHz
  • Ref. Input Freq: 10 MHz
  • Output Power: + 4.5 dBm +/-2 dB
  • Phase Noise (@ 10 kHz Offset): -102 dBc/Hz
  • Operating Temp: -40 to +85°C
  • Package: 1.0” x 1.25” x 0.23” (LxWxH)


The MTS2500-110250-10 is a high resolution synthesizer that combines the latest in DDS and multi-loop synthesizer technologies with a high performance VCO to generate frequency signals from 1100 to 2500 MHz with as low as 1 Hz resolution. It provides ultra low phase noise, wide bandwidth performance and low spurious, while permitting for increased loop bandwidth, faster settling time and higher stability under vibration. Power consumption is 1.2 watts typical. This product is ideal for applications in imaging equipment such as RADAR and magnetic resonance, DVB transmitters, satellite ground station equipment, test equipment and control links for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). This product is housed in a small connectorized package and is plug and play ready with software provided.

500-1000 Mhz high performance wideband synthesizer

The MFSH50100-50 is a tiny surface-mount intelligent synthesizer that generates frequencies between 500 to 1000 MHz when locked to an external 10 MHz reference. This design features an on-board microcontroller that allows for either self-programmable fixed frequencies or wideband signal generation with a step size of 500 kHz. This small, 0.6” square package is surface mount, RoHS compliant, and features excellent phase noise performance of -96 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and -118 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset. Output power of +5 dBm minimum is through a buffered output stage and operating temperature is -40 to +85 ºC.


The MFSH400800-100 is a small outline, surface-mount synthesizer for operation in the frequency range of 4 to 8 GHz with step size of 1 MHz. This product includes on-board micro-controller which allows for self-programmable fixed frequency or wideband signal generation. This small, surface mount synthesizer features excellent phase noise performance of -75 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and -92 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset from an external 10 MHz frequency reference. Output power is +3 dBm is through a buffered output stage and the operating temperature is -40 deg to +85 deg C. Package size is only 0.6 inches square by 0.175 inches maximum height.

LUFF Research

Frequency Synthesizers

  • Single loop designs up to 25 GHz
    • Models: SLSM3 and the new SLSM5
  • High performance multi-loop designs up to 25 GHz
    •     Models: TLS & TLSD and the new TLSE
  • NEW Surface Mount Synthesizer
    • Model: SMS