Synergy Microwave Corporation

Synergy’s wide range of double-balanced, triple-balanced, high IP3, image reject, sub-harmonic and starved L.O. mixers features high Interport Isolation, broad bandwidth IF, good IF matching and flat conversion loss response. Perfect for narrow band & broadband up/down conversion for commercial, military and industrial cellular system applications.

Examples of Synergy Mixers:

The SMD-K2 is a wide band double-balanced mixer That operates with RF/LO bandwidth of 5-1000 MHz at a given operating LO power of +7 dBm. The IF port operates from DC-1000 MHz. The conversion loss is flat 9.0 dB maximum and isolation on all three ports ranges from 25 to 60 dB. It’s an excellent solution for up/down conversion. The performance is enhanced with an IP3 of +13 dBm typical and a 1 dB compression of +1 dBm typical. The mixer is in a small surface mount package measuring 0.310” x 0.260” x 0.205” (LxWxH) and operates from -40 to +85 °C.


CHK-3500 is a high performance connectorized ultra-wide band triple balanced mixer great for narrow and broadband up/down conversion applications. The RF/LO operating frequency range is 10-3500 MHz and 1-2000 MHz for the IF frequency range. Features include low conversion loss of 7.8 dB typical, isolation of 20 dB minimum between all 3 ports. LO is +23 dBm, 1 dB compression point is +18 dBm and input IP3 is +32 dBm typical. Operating temperature range is -55 to +85 °C.

The SMD-6000 is an ultra wide bandwidth, surface mount, double balanced mixer designed for broadband, low cost applications. RF/LO bandwidth is from 1 to 6000 MHz and IF bandwidth is DC to 700 MHz. It requires a nominal +10 dBm of local oscillator drive typically give a minimum LO/RF isolation of 15 dB across the band. The conversion loss is typically 8.5 dB and the 1 dB compression point is at +3 dBm with the input IP3 of +15 dBm, typically. This model is available in a surface mount package measuring 0.5 X 0.375 X 0.165 inches maximum height. The part is fully RoHS compliant and operates from -40°C to +75°C.

The SGS-5 is a broadband double balanced mixer, constructed to meet stringent
environmental requirements in military,
industrial and commercial applications. This
product has excellent electrical performance
across the broadband LO and RF operating
frequency of 3 to 19 GHz, and IF frequency
from DC to 4 GHz, with a choice of available LO signal levels of +10 dBm, +13 dBm or +17 dBm. The DC coupled IF makes this mixer ideal for up and down conversion, image rejection, modulators and phase detectors. 

The SFM-2 is a wide bandwidth, high linearity mixer that uses MESFET transistors to deliver typical input IP3 of +36 dBm from an LO drive level of 0 dBm. The LO frequency is 62 to 94 MHz, RF frequency is 0.1 to 32 MHz and IF frequency response is 30 – 96 MHz. The conversion loss is less than 9 dB, with LO/RF isolation better than 20 dB and 1 dB compression point at +23 dBm. LO/IF isolation is 13 dB, minimum. This active mixer requires a bias of 5 volts and current of 80 mA maximum. Operating temperature is -20°C to +70°C. The SFM-2 mixer is packaged in a surface mount configuration measuring 0.65 inches square by 0.27 inches high. This mixer is an ideal building block for IF applications in wireless systems that will be operated in signal crowded areas, where highly linear performance is necessary.


The SMS-201 is a band optimized I & Q modulator ideally suited for applications in low VHF frequency applications. It is a building block for QAM, MPSK, side band and image rejection systems. This model covers the bandwidth between 28.5 MHz and 31.5 MHz with conversion loss of 8 dB maximum, sideband rejection of 30 dB minimum and isolation of 45 dB minimum. This product is optimized for operation with +10 dBm carrier (LO) signal, and can also be made available with higher LO drive levels for best linearity. The modulator is packaged in a 0.840 x 0.520 x 0.440 inches surface mount package and is designed to operate within the industrial temperature range of –20 to +70°C.