Amplifiers, MMICs, Devices & TWT Assemblies


ENGIN-IC, located in Plano, Texas and San Diego, California, provides differentiation for companies looking for advanced MMIC and module solutions. The founders of the company bring over a century of Microwave product design experience from MMICs to complex RF subsystems primarily in the Defense, Hi-Rel, and Telecommunication markets. The company has an excellent understanding of microwave technology and designer requirements for advanced RF products.

ENGIN-IC provides industry leading technology and responsive customer service that can provide a competitive edge. Our extensive technical knowledge of MMIC design, coupled with our understanding of Microwave subsystem requirements, bring performance differentiation to our products.

Engin-IC product portfolio includes Standard amplifiers such as Broadband gain blocks as well as custom narrowband amplifier mmics. These include GaAs and GaN technologies from low noise to power.

They also have Passive mmic components such as attenuators, Dividers, mixers and Gain Equalizers. They are also involved in the integrated system on chip designs.

Kratos General Microwave

The RF input to the Solid-state power amplifier, is pre-amplified and split into several parallel symmetric branches. Each branch includes a power amplifier section (PA). This distributed design of the microwave SSPA results in built in redundancy and graceful degradation of output power should any individual PA section fail. Each branch includes a current sense alarm indication which is monitored and fed to the RF SSPA controller. The amplified outputs of all the symmetric branches are summed up in a passive combing network which routes the resultant high power to the output of the RF SSPA.

A compact and highly efficient switching Power Supply Unit (PSU) is built into the solid state power amplifier. This state-of-the-art PSU design ensures that any contribution of phase noise and spurious signals are significantly reduced at the RF output. The microwave SSPA control section includes a Modulator which switches the DC lines of the individual PA sections On/Off to achieve the required Pulse Width, Pulse Repetition Interval and Duty Cycle. The SSPA Monitoring section includes Built-in-Test capability which receives indications from critical internal subassemblies, including the PA sections, thereby constantly monitoring the condition of the microwave SSPA. Most of our solid state power amplifier designs are custom, deriving from Customer specifications because of the differing requirements for specific applications such as Airborne Radars and Missile Seekers. There are, however, many applications which can be served by more generic solid state power amplifiers as summarized in the below table. They are offered as Special Catalog SSPAs and intended to provide the user with a proven, cost effective solution rather than a new design.

Microwave Technology Inc (MwT)

With years of experience, tract record and deep understanding of GaAs and GaN based semiconductor devices, MMIC’s and hybrid amplifier products, MwT supplies high quality wireless and microwave products worldwide that meet stringent technical requirements with excellent reliability at competitive cost.

MwT provides:

  • Large volume standard products from stock with superior performance, excellent quality, competitive cost, and on time delivery for wireless and microwave applications.
  • Custom product development and manufacturing per customer’s SCD for commercial and military applications.
  • Program management support for space/hi-rel and military/defense programs.
  • Hi-rel screening service for MwT and/or third party products for space applications.
  • Application support, including samples, demo boards, data, specs, and sub-system design consultations.

MwT has GaAs FETs devices for various Commercial, Military and Hi-Rel applications. These include low noise as well as medium power devices in HBT, pHemt technologies.

MwT also makes custom GaAs and GaN mmics for many of these applications including multi-octave broad bands. They have a portfolio of many Domestic and overseas Foundries. 


Quarterwave offers a complete line of popular Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers. They have a selective inventory of Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT) and Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA) available separately or integrated to system requirements.

Quarterwave stocks some TWT’s and amplifiers with power levels ranging from 40 watts to 2 kilowatts and frequencies from 1GHz to 18GHz. With other TWT’s our standard amplifiers are capable of power levels from 10 watts to 50 kilowatts and frequencies from 1.0 GHz to 95 GHz. Custom TWTA’s and OEM TWTA modules are also available. 


  • Reliable Operation
  • Value Engineered
  • 20 Watts to 50K Watts
  • Versatile Modulation
  • Low AM & PM Noise
  • Standard RS232 Interface or Ethernet
  • .5 to 100 GHz Frequency
  • Pulsed and CW Operation
  • Extended RF Performance
  • Flexible, Expandable

Quarterwave Power Supplies

Initially developed for radar systems, the power supplies in Quarterwave amplifiers were designed using patented technology to provide the quietest RF amplification without introducing spurious signals. Unlike flyback and feed forward circuits, these solid state quasi-resonant switch mode supplies operate without high power square waves. This results in less EMI/RFI which is amplified by the TWT, and greater reliability due to reduced stress to the magnetic and semiconductor components.