We represent a team of manufacturers that offer exceptional solutions and support all design and production requirements in RF, Microwave and Lightwave markets.

Antenna Research Associates - ARA - Logo

Antenna Research Associates

ARA manufacturers antennas, positioners and accessories up to 40 Ghz for military and commercial applications.  Locations in Beltsville, MD and Pembroke,MA include several antenna test ranges and chambers, available to customers for tests. 

ARS Products

ARS Products is your source for RF signal distribution , switching equipment, specialized beamsteering , beamforming equipment, cancellers, and receiver dynamic range extensions.

Coleman Microwave Co. Logo

Coleman Microwave Company

CMC designs and manufactures custom microwave filters in the frequency range of 400 MHz to 40 GHz. CMC specializes in high power cavity resonator designs. Both tunable and fixed filters are offered in coaxial and waveguide modes of operation. A variety of related components and support items are offered, as well. Engineering assistance is always available to aid in the definition and selection of the exact product to fit your needs.

Comnav logo

Com/Nav Engineering

Com/Nav manufactures microwave filters for wireless communication, electronic toll collection, RF test equipment, microwave radios & navigation systems. Com/Nav engineers are experts in high performance ceramic, lumped component and cavity filter design. They specialize in achieving lower loss and higher rejection in small surface-mount packages.

Engin-IC Logo


Engin-IC offers custom MMIC passive and power solutions for RF and Microwave applications with a portfolio of standard products. Engin-IC specializes in integrated assemble designs and wide band applications.

Frequency Management International

FMI offers Crystal TCXO, VCXO & OCXO for hi-Rel, military and commercial control applications. They specialize in temperature extreme environments.

Kratos logo

Kratos General Microwave

Kratos-MED (formally General Microwave) is a recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, state-of-the-art microwave components and subassemblies for the defense and commercial microwave industries.

Luff Logo

Luff Research

Luff manufacturers Frequency Synthesizers, and PLOs up to 25GHz for industrial, commercial and test applications.

* not covered in metro NY/NJ & Western/upstate NY

MwT Logo

Microwave Technology Inc.

MwT is a  recognized leader in design and manufacturing of GaAs and GAN based MMICs, discrete devices, and hybrid amplifier products for commercial wireless communication, defense, space and medical (MRI) applications.

* not covered in PA and southern NJ

Nova microwave

Nova Microwave

Nova produces isolators and circulators in drop in and coaxial packages for RF and Microwave designs.

Orolia Logo


Orolia is a world leader in high-end crystal, rubidium, maser and integrated GPS/GNSS clocks, as well as related testing instrument technologies for space missions that rely on high precision atomic clock technology.


Quarterwave Corp.

Quarterwave Corp. manufactures a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) line of Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers that range in power from 5 Watts CW to 50 kW peak, pulsed.

relcomm Tech

RelComm Technologies

RelComm produces coaxial and board mounted electromechanical switches for wireless and microwave communications up to 40 Ghz.

Res-Net Microwave

Res-Net Microwave

RF & Microwave Attenuators, Resistors, Terminations from 1 to 1500 watts in frequency bands between DC-40 Ghz.

Signal Microwave

Signal Microwave

Signal Microwave produces broadband test verification boards for the signal integrity/high speed digital market.

* not covered in PA and southern NJ


Synergy Microwave Corp.

Synergy Microwave produces signal processing components, VCO’s, synthesizers, mixers, etc. for commercial and military applications.

* not covered in PA and southern NJ

transline technology logo

Transline Technology Inc.

Transline produces RF/Microwave flexible and semi-rigid PCB custom etching.

Winchester Interconnect

Winchester Interconnect

Winchester offers an extensive range of PCB, RF, power, fiber optic connectors, coaxial cable assemblies, hermetic housing and connectors in the commercial military, medical and industrial markets.

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