Antenna Research Assoc

Antennas,Pedestals, Positioners, & Accessories for Military & Commercial telecom applications.


Coleman Microwave Co.

CMC designs and manufactures custom microwave filters in the frequency range of 400 MHz to 40 GHz. Specializing in cavity resonator designs, filters are offered in both coaxial and waveguide modes of operation. A variety of related components and support items are offered, as well. Engineering assistance is always available to aid in the definition and selection of the exact product to fit your needs.


ComNav Engineering

Manufacturer of Microwave Filters for Wireless Communication, Electronic Toll Collection, RF Test Equipment, Microwave Radios & Navigation Systems    Experts in High Performance Ceramic, Lumped component and Cavity Filter Design.Specializing in Achieving Lower Loss and Higher Rejection in Small Surface-Mount Packages



Custom mmic solutions for RF and Microwave applications with portfolio of standard products.

Kratos-General Microwave

A recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, state-of-the-art microwave components and subassemblies for the defense and commercial microwave products for various applications.


MicroWave Technology

GaAs FETs , HBT Devices,

Mmics, Modules etc. for

Wireless,Commercial, Military & Hi-Rel Markets.


Nova Microwave Inc.

Star Microwave Inc.

Isolators and circulators in various packages for RF and Microwave communications.


Relcomm Technologies

Coaxial Electromechanical

Switches for Wireless and

Microwave Communications.

Res-Net Microwave

RF & Microwave Attenuators,

Resistors, Terminations and diode detectors to 30 GHz.


Signal Microwave

High speed testing and mm wave

End-launch interconnect

Products for signal integrity


Synergy Microwave

Signal Processing Components, VCO’s, Synthesizers, Mixers etc. for Commercial and Military applications.


Transline Technology Inc.

RF/Microwave Flexible and semi-rigid PCB custom etching.


Winchester Interconnect

Extensive range of PCB, RF, Power,  Fiberoptic connectors, Coaxial cable assemblies for commercial  Military, Medical and Industrial applications.

Following units are involved:

SRI Connector Gage

Standard and Custom connectors and adapters  up to

65 GHz in 1.85mm, 2.4mm,2.92mm, N, SMA etc.

SRI Hermetics

 Hermetic seals, feedthrus and    packaging for Mil, Space applications.


Low loss Flexible and Semi-rigid cables and assemblies. Steelflex cables,  EMI Polytron absorbers


Custom Interconnect Solutions.

High performance cable

Assemblies and connectors.