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Hermetic Products

Winchester Interconnect offers standard hermetic connectors like SMA, SMP, SMPM & FMA as well as custom connectors and configurations. With a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, and the ability to join metals through explosion bonding, laser welding, vacuum brazing, and diffusion bonding, we are able to design and build the hermetic connector you need.

Hermetic Seal Types

Ceramax Seal 

  • Ceramax is a patented phase changing compound that provides superior hermetic reliability and outstanding electrical performance with an operational temperature range of -269C to +450C.

Original Glass Seal 

  • Glass feedthroughs are particularly useful for high frequency match impedance connectors due to the crystalline amorphous properties of the glass which promote low loss signal transmissions.
  • Effective for products with an electrical performance that is greater than 2 GHz.
  • Compatible with iron alloys.

Oxide Free Glass Seal 

  • Winchester’s oxide free glass seal eliminates the need for pre-oxidizing of the metal components prior to glass sealing. This lack of heavy oxide interface between glass and metal allows for:
    • Increased pressure withstanding
    • Higher levels of hermeticity
    • Repeatable, reliable processing
    • Eliminates the need for post oxide removal leaving the glass and metal clean, free of etching residue

Unique Hermetic Metallurgy

Explosion Welding

  • A solid state process that uses chemical explosives to accelerate one metal into another at a high velocity to create a welded interface between the two metals.
  • Creates bonds between metals that cannot necessarily be welded by conventional means.

Vacuum Brazing

  • A joining process whereby a filler metal is heated to its melting temperature above 450C and distributed between two or more base materials while protected by an oxygen free (vacuum) atmosphere.
  • High density, oxide free joints are created between the parent materials.
  • Materials that cannot be bonded using other brazing processes are joined.

Laser Welding

  • A non-contact welding process that creates fusion and is ideally suited for assembly and integration of hermetic connectors due to its precise application and small heat affected zone.
  • Very small connector components can be joined together and connectors can be mounted into higher-level assemblies without distortion or damage.
  • Effective for products with an electrical performance that is less than 2 GHz and vacuum applications
  • Ceramax seals are compatible with high expansion metal alloys giving Winchester the ability to seal copper alloy contacts into connector shell materials not possible with competing technologies.
  • Aluminum, titanium and high expansion stainless steel alloys are just a few of the shell materials available.

Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Winchester Interconnect is the combination of the cable & connector manufacturers TRU, Kings, SRI Connector Gauge, SRI Hermetics, Haverhill, C&M, Tekna Seal & Winchester Electronics.  Winchester has over 1000 employees at locations throughout the world to ensure timely production and delivery of product.  Winchester’s products have been used in many military-aerospace, communications, semiconductor fabrication, fiber optic, medical and test applications since WWII.

  • Winchester provides all standard RF connector types from EIA 6-1/8 to SMP, SMPM, 1mm and blind mates of all types as components or as part of an RF cable assembly.
  • Custom interfaces can also be developed to meet specific customer needs.
  • Flexible Cable assemblies can be pre-formed to ease assembly.
  • Semi-rigid assemblies can be pre-bent to customer drawings.
  • Connectors can be designed to have custom angles and clocking to meet tight space requirements, they are also available in ganged configurations.  
  • The cable experts at Winchester work with customers to develop cable assemblies that reach frequencies over 100GHz or high power assemblies to 10s of kilowatts.  
  • As part of Winchester’s focus on technical leadership, customer responsiveness and product quality, the company employs an array of environmental, electrical and mechanical testing methods. Winchester’s capabilities include electrical, thermal cycle/shock, X-ray, and dimensional testing, and simulation testing that speeds product development time.

Winchester’s C&M group produces cables for industrial automation that may or may not include an RF requirement.  C&M custom builds the cable bundle to incorporate the conductors needed for each application.  C&M then assembles the connectors and overmolds to the assembly.  C&M has an extensive collection of overmolds and can make its own molds when necessary.  These assemblies frequently carry a combination of data, power, and analog signaling.  The assemblies find uses in robotics, production machinery, and aerospace applications.