Synergy Microwave Newsletter – February 2020

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Issue Date: February 2020 

Synergy Microwave Innovative Product Highlights 

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Intelligent interactive synthesizer 

The LFSW514-50 is an ultra-low phase noise, ultra-wide tuning range, small surface mount unit with a buffered output. 

o   Frequency Range: 50 -140 MHz 

o   Step Size: 500 kHz 

o   Reference Input Frequency:  10 MHz 

o   Output Power:  +7 dBm Minimum 

o   Spurious Suppression: 75 dBc typical 

o   Harmonic Suppression: 15 dB typical 

o   Phase Noise @1 kHz: -115 dBc/Hz typical 

o   Phase Noise @10 kHz: -115 dBc/Hz typical 

o   Package: 1.25×1.00×0.230 inches (LxWxH) 

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Low noise voltage controlled oscillator 

The DCSO1000-12 is a frequency optimized, low phase noise surface mount VCO operating from a bias voltage of 12 Vdc. 

o   Frequency: 1000 MHz 

o   Tuning Voltage: 0.5 to 12.0 Vdc 

o   Tuning Sensitivity: 1.25 MHz/V (typical) 

o   Output Power: +4 dBm (minimum) 

o   Phase Noise @10 kHz: -126 dBc/Hz (typical) 

o   Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C 

o   Package: 0.750×0.750×0.165 inches (LxWxH) 

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wideband 2-way power divider

The SDL-2 is a high performance lead free surface mount 2-Way Power Divider ideal for signal splitting and low power combining. 

o   Frequency: 5 – 500 MHz 

o   Insertion Loss: 0.6 dB typical 

o   Isolation: 20 dB minimum 

o   Phase Unbalance: 5° maximum 

o   Amplitude Unbalance: 0.6 dB maximum 

o   Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C 

o   Package: 0.310×0.395×0.200 inches (LxWxH) 

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HF band – analog phase shifter 

The PK-721S is a voltage controlled phase shifter for mid HF band phase control applications in phase modulation, analog frequency discriminators, antenna beam forming and impedance matching. 

o   Frequency: 10 – 20 MHz 

o   Insertion loss: 1.8 dB maximum 

o   Phase Shift: 0 to 180° minimum 

o   Control Voltage: 0 to 12 Vdc 

o   Input Power: 0 dBm maximum 

o   VSWR: 1.7:1 maximum 

o   Impedance: 50 ohms 

o   Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C 

o   Package: 1.25×1.25×0.75 inches (LxWxH) 

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High performance low-pass filter 

The surface-mount model number FLS-12 is optimized for low pass operation with excellent electrical performance. 

o   Passband Frequency: DC – 10.7 MHz 

o   3 dB Cut-off Frequency: 12MHz 

o   Passband loss: 1.0 dB maximum 

o   20 dB Stop-band Frequency: 16 MHz 

o   35 dB Stop-band Frequency: 21 MHz 

o   Power Rating: 1 Watt maximum 

o   Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +85°C 

o   Package: 0.840×0.520×0.440 (LxWxH) 

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wideband quadrature 90° hybrid

The DQS-90-450 is a surface mount, 90° hybrid with a 5:1 operating bandwidth. This component is useful for building up I/Q networks, vector modulators, or for amplifier combining, where wide bandwidth is required. 

o   Frequency: 90-450 MHz 

o   Insertion Loss: 1.5 dB maximum 

o   Amplitude Unbalance: 1.25 dB maximum 

o   Phase Unbalance: 5° maximum 

o   Isolation: 16 dB minimum 

o   Power Rating: 1 watt maximum 

o   VSWR: 1.3:1 typical 

o   Operating Temperature: -20 to +70°C 

o   Package: 0.840×0.520×0.440 inches (LxWxH) 

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